UNITED STATES – Turns out our industry’s big question this week is whether or not Grubhub is on the market. Despite the food delivery company denying its place on any auction blocks, major grocery chains like Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, Ahold Delhaize, and possibly even Amazon are allegedly lining up to acquire Grubhub, according to the New York Post.

Brittain Ladd, Chief Transformation and Supply Chain Officer, Tompkins InternationalBrittain Ladd, Chief Transformation and Supply Chain Officer, Tompkins International“I have spoken with executives from each company (especially Walmart) and there is interest in acquiring Grubhub,” Brittain Ladd, an ex-Amazon executive and supply-chain consultant, disclosed to The Post in an email. “I believe the value of Grubhub to Walmart is that they could leverage Grubhub for delivering food and groceries.”

Ladd also revealed that the aforementioned grocery chains are all in the process of reviewing how Grubhub can bolster their grocery delivery programs.

Grubhub, on the other hand, denied the possibility of its acquisition to Bloomberg, stating, “We felt it was important to clarify that there is unequivocally no process in place to sell the company and there are currently no plans to do so. We have always consulted advisers about a broad range of issues, including potential acquisition opportunities—that has not changed.”

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