Interest in companies that manufacture electric Class 8 trucks (think big semi-trucks pulling trailers) is exploding. The companies generating the most interest are Tesla and Nikola. However, there are other players in the market.

Tesla thinks battery-electric semi-truck models are superior. Nikola thinks hydrogen is the best choice.

Tesla and Nikola are manufacturing their own trucks based on their vision of what the semi-truck of tomorrow should look like.

So far, so good. (Except for the pesky fact a hydrogen fueling network must first be built before Nikola trucks can be utilized).

A question I have is this? Why do we need Tesla or Nikola to manufacture trucks when there are several superb Class 8 truck manufacturers like Kenworth, Mack, and of course, Peterbilt?

A company asking the same question is Hyliion (

Hyliion manufactures powertrains that can be used by current truck manufacturers to create electric or natural gas powered versions of their trucks. Installing powertrains equals more value, leas costs and faster time to market.

Tesla and Nikola are generating the most press, but Hyliion may win the race.