About Brittain

I am a consultant, business leader, and author.

I have appeared on every major network globally including CNN, Fox, BBC and multiple stations in Japan, China, Russia, and Latin America. I am a contributor to such publications as Forbes, Observer, and numerous industry publications. I appreciate the fact that my articles and opinions are valued by the media and the public.

I am a lifelong learner who continues to seek out knowledge through research, academics and hands-on experience. I have earned a bachelor’s and three master’s degrees.

In 2013, I wrote a research paper titled A Beautiful Way to Save Woolworths where I applied game theory to the global grocery industry. As a result of my research, I recommended that Amazon acquire Whole Foods. When Amazon did acquire Whole Foods in June 2017, news organizations globally linked to my paper. A Beautiful Way to Save Woolworths is referred to as “the Bible of grocery retailing” and continues to be referenced and read globally.

I enjoy conducting research on economics and business. My goal is to be as accurate as possible when I make recommendations or when I write about business trends. I don’t always succeed.

What I am most of all is here for you. I’m Brittain Ladd.

Welcome to my website.