About Brittain

I am a consultant, business leader, and author.

I have appeared on every major network globally including CNN, Fox, BBC and multiple stations in Japan, China, Russia, and Latin America. I am a contributor to such publications as Forbes, Observer, and numerous industry publications. I am a highly sought-after speaker and advisor.

In 2013, I wrote a research paper titled A Beautiful Way to Save Woolworths where I applied game theory to the global grocery industry. As a result of my research, I recommended that Amazon acquire Whole Foods. When Amazon did acquire Whole Foods in June 2017, news organizations globally linked to my paper. A Beautiful Way to Save Woolworths is referred to as “the Bible of grocery retailing” and continues to be referenced and read globally.

My ability to perform research and accurately predict future trends in business has been called “remarkable” and “legendary” by Wall Street analysts, business executives, and journalists.

What I am most of all is here for you. I’m Brittain Ladd.

Welcome to my website.