I am a supporter of AI, and I believe that AI will have a tremendous impact on many facets of our daily lives. I believe that certain companies and occupations will be so disrupted by AI that the companies will go out of business, and the jobs will be automated. I also believe that AI will result in the creation of many new jobs.

Based on my experience and knowledge of Large Language Models (LLM) like ChatGPT, and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), an example of industries that will eventually be automated are freight forwarding and many tasks across transportation and logistics.

What I don’t agree with is the growing chorus that AI can be leveraged to provide recommendations normally reserved for trained professionals in consulting, psychology, and medicine. For example, there are videos floating around claiming that its possible to receive consulting from Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and other such luminaries, simply by using ChatGPT.

Asking ChatGPT to pretend its Elon Musk, and you want to know what Elon recommends to save Bed Bath & Beyond, is possible but it is also impractical. Asking ChatGPT to pretend its Steve Jobs, and you want it to outline a strategy for launching a company to defeat Apple is possible, but the recommendations aren’t actionable.

To save time and money, people are asking ChatGPT to diagnose their medical conditions merely by providing a list of their symptoms – this is a foolish and dangerous thing to do. AI chat rooms have been created whereby ChatGPT is used to address and treat depression – this is ridiculous.

I can already tell that AI is going to create a more sophisticated version of Snake Oil salesmen and con men. In fact, I guarantee this is going to happen. Unfortunately, there will be no shortage of individuals willing to climb aboard the AI crazy train looking for ways to get rich quick, earn a college degree without opening a book, and start a business to make “millions” only by using “Brilliant Bob’s Secrets of AI.” If you thought crypto created millions of fools, wait until AI becomes even more mainstream.

The biggest weakness of ChatGPT, Bard, and other AI LLM platforms yet to be released is this – none of them are authentic. Although the proper term to describe what AI does is ‘Chinese room,’ I coined the phrase, ‘AI Parrots’ because what ChatGPT does is repeat what its read similar to how parrots repeat words and sounds that they’ve heard. How many of you would ask a parrot to help you with the fact that you’re feeling depressed? Why then ask ChatGPT or Bard?

Many LinkedIn members have reached out to me and asked if I plan on using AI to write my posts. Not a chance. Why? Because AI will never be able to interpret data and write content with the same authenticity that I can.

Word to the wise – be authentic in everything that you do.