TikTok owner ByteDance has released a new app for download globally – Lemon8 App. I describe Lemon8 as being a more dignified platform than the notoriously unpredictable and wildly popular TikTok.

Some industry observers are now describing Lemon8 as something at the crossroad of Instagram, Pinterest, and Amazon. Unlike TikTok, the app allows users to upload still photos.

Lemon8’s aesthetic is more artsy, colorful, and aspirational than TikTok’s, resembling Pinterest in some ways. Early adopters of Lemon8 will find that lots of the content that is being elevated lean into health and beauty trends that tend to cater to a younger female audience, such as makeup tutorials, nail art, and home decor inspiration.

While there are few ads on the app currently, its lifestyle content would likely appeal to brands in retail, travel, and cooking. Lemon8 will increase its focus on e-commerce eventually.

Lemon8 is also catering to a younger male audience by elevating workout videos. This is a blessing and a curse. One of the most overlooked aspects of TikTok is how it created a steroid culture for teens. Lemon8 is slowly doing the same thing based on my review of the app.

I’m a workout fanatic. I’m a former collegiate athletic trainer and personal trainer of bodybuilders. It’s very concerning to see men 25 and younger embracing the use of Trenbolone, Primobolan, Equipoise, and other steroids. Young women on TikTok and Lemon8 are boasting about their results using an oral steroid called Anavar.

The timing of the release of Lemon8 gives the impression that ByteDance is trying to distract attention away from TikTok, in my opinion.

I was on an investor call two weeks ago when a Wall Street executive made the comment, “TikTok is shopping themselves around to retailers and tech companies looking for a partnership for data protection and fulfillment.” The executive went on to state that there are few takers.

Sources from Walmart have told me that TikTok has approached the company about providing fulfillment services. TikTok has created TikTok Shop and is attempting to lure merchants to sell their products on the app. Few merchants are interested due to the possibility of TikTok being banned.

I recommended to Walmart in 2019 to acquire TikTok. I believe the timing is wrong for Walmart to partner with TikTok or acquire the company in 2023. Apparently, executives at Walmart feel the same way, and no deal to provide fulfillment or acquire TikTok is imminent until the U.S. government decides what they want to do.

I believe TikTok will not be banned but some type of additional data protection will be agreed upon. If TikTok solves its data problem they still need a solution for fulfillment which could lead to an eventual deal with Walmart.

Lemon8 appears to be a hit. However, ByteDance knows they can’t risk having two apps being banned. Lemon8 will be the calmer, more sane, alcohol-free version of TikTok.